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  1. W2GLD

    Considering adding a Hytera DMR repeater to my network, and yours. Can you tell me, and I think I may already know the answer, but does the Hytera support dynamic mixed-mode right out of the box? Also, while in mixed-mode, does it still retain connectivity to the IPCS network (or whatever Hytera calls there networking)? I assume it does from my readings, but I just wanted to get some clarification on the RD98x repeaters. Thanks, Jerry (W2GLD)

    1. ke5kaf Post author

      Yes. In mixed mode you are still connected with IPCS (Digital only). You can also set your priorities, so if you choose to have the analog side as priority then, when someone is talking it won’t affect any digital cutting you off. Visa Versa. You can contact me aaronelekes “at” gmail “dot” com if you need more information on our Hytera Network.


    1. kb1isz

      I responded to Jerry in an email. We usually do it that way but it probably makes sense to reply here as well so others can see.

  2. ak4eg

    Please list the DMR repeater AK4EG in Burlington ,NC . Long range 60 mil +
    444.350 DMR on Network. and FM ,tone 107.2 .home server is for local Germany, ref 4002 ,
    Owner AI4UE

  3. KK4CMC

    There is also a Hytera repeater located in Charlotte, NC USA. It is up and running. I have a few friends in the UK and they have started putting some Hytera repeaters up there. All those Motorola repeaters have their on groups. Here on the east coast Motorola PRN Net. Nothing but local east coast talk. We want to talk everywhere possible. Thanks for your hard work.

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